The Vine

As I was getting ready for church this morning I was listening to a sermon on my phone.  The sermon is a part of a series I’ve listened to several times in the past month and each time I’ve listened, I’ve received new insight.  Today one statement in particular stood out to me and I’ve been pondering it all day.  The statement was this, “A branch cut off from the vine is not free, it is dead.”

I’ve heard the parable in John 15 multiple times about the Vine and the branches, but today it had more power (a rhema moment).  I started thinking of all the classes I’ve had over the years about plants and how they are nourished (you remember drawing xylem and phloem in different colored arrow, right?).  I remember a class I took in college where I actually got to see branches from one plant grafted onto another different type of plant.  The cutoff branch was placed in contact with an exposed portion of the adoptive plant.  The two were wrapped up tightly together like a broken arm would be with a cast.  Over time, the foreign branch bonds with the adoptive plant and the two become one.  It didn’t have as much meaning to me then, but today it really has my attention.

I wasn’t born as one of God’s natural children but I’ve been grafted in. I was a branch nourished by the world and filled with it’s thoughts…selfishness, anger, jealousy, and doubt.  But now I’m grafted onto the Vine and the nourishment I receive is Truth and Light.

I’m chosen and I’m worthy…worthy of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice.  I’m not worthy because I feel worthy but because my Father God said I am.  I’m not worthy because of anything I’ve ever done or said or ever will do or say.  I’m worthy because of the Vine that supports me and gives me life.  I’m worthy because of the name I carry.  When I married my natural husband, he gave me his name and our union produced fruit (children).  My marriage on earth is symbolic of the marriage that I have in Christ.  He is the bridegroom and I am the bride.  When I accepted His sacrifice for me and gave Him my life, He took me as His own and gave me His name.  Our union also produces fruit…fruit of the Spirit.

It’s amazing to think about Christians everywhere that are all connected to the same Vine.  When a family sits down together at dinner and eats, they are all being filled with the same food and they are communing.  It’s the same with our spiritual family…we are all filled with the same Spirit and receive the same good food. 🙂

And food from it

Speaking of food (one of my favorite topics)…

The meal I had planned for lunch today didn’t turn out quite as expected due to the avocados still being rock hard and green when we got home.  I consoled myself by making pumpkin brownies.  The meal is tried and true so definitely worth a try but make sure you’re avocados don’t double as baseballs before you get started.  See the links below for the recipes we had.  Enjoy!

White bean avocado wraps

Cilantro-lime quinoa

Pumpkin brownies