While on the way home from church today, my husband and oldest child announced that they want to have frito chili pie for lunch. What’s the problem with that you may wonder? What could possibly be wrong with tangy warm hearty chili on top of crunchy salty frito chips all topped with ooey gooey stringy cheese? Well, that’s a meal I have very much enjoyed in the past but it’s definitely not the best idea for me to eat after going meat and dairy free (for the most part) for almost a year. Not wanting to cave to the yummy crunchy bowl of goodness and end up with a terrible stomach ache later, I knew I needed to have an equally tempting alternative. That’s when I remembered a recipe I had discovered, but yet to try…Pizza Hummus! That is, hummus that tastes like pizza, not pizza topped with hummus (which I also like).

I used the following two recipes as inspiration and made my own.

Pizza Hummus – Food Network
Melty Pizza Hummus – Chocolate-Covered Katie

Below is the recipe I ended up making:
3 cups garbanzo beans (rehydrated and cooked or 2 cans)
1 small can of tomato sauce (I didn’t have the basil and oregano kind but that would’ve been great)
1 Tbsp nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup of water (or more to thin it out)
1 Tbsp tahini (I don’t normally use this in hummus and I’m not sure it added anything but it was in there all the same)
1 tsp garlic paste
1 Tbsp tomato paste (double concentrate)
Dried basil and oregano (I didn’t measure but maybe 1 tsp each)
Pizza hummus

This picture hardly does it justice!


I warmed it up and ate it over fritos right beside my chili eating family.  🙂  Ok, for those of you thinking that fritos are not part of a whole food plant based diet, you are right.  However, sometimes it’s just ok.  🙂

Happy eating!