I woke up this morning with plans to be at my mother’s beck and call since she had some errands to run and needed an escort.  I did not expect to wake up to a child with a fever and vomiting.  What’s a girl to do when stuck at home on a snowy day with an ill child?  I asked myself that same question and then I saw it…a bag of overripe bananas on my counter.  What’s a girl to do…bake!

I told my husband I’d make some banana bread but I still have one loaf in my freezer from the last time I had a bag of overripe bananas on my counter.  I wanted to find something different so I googled ‘ripe bananas vegan’ and found this…

Marbled Banana Bread

Ok, ok…I made another banana bread.  I made two actually.  What can I say, I’m a creature of habit…and familiarity…and I really like banana bread.  🙂

This is a different banana bread then any I’ve made before though (justification for making yet another one)…it’s chocolate marbled!

Oh the beauty...and the aroma!

Oh the beauty…and the aroma!

I figured I should make two loaves since I have a full bag of bananas and it’s not hard for a family of 5 to eat an entire loaf in one day.  I didn’t want to make two chocolate marbled loaves though (my whole family doesn’t share my desire for chocolate…more for me!).  So, I replaced the 3 Tbsp of cocoa powder in the linked recipe with 2 Tbsp of peanut butter.  Oh yeah baby!!

You know you want a piece!

You know you want a piece!

After all the baking (and laundry), I put my son’s megablock monster truck together.  He’s been begging for someone to do it and he was home sick afterall.  I am mom of the day.  Unfortunately, he probably won’t remember how awesome I am tomorrow when he wants something else.  I will just bask in the glory of today’s victories (and banana bread).

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Happy snow day!