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So much has been going on lately and I often think of posts I want to compose but then I don’t get them done. Alas, today is the day!

A couple of weeks ago I was on our backyard swing set enjoying warm weather with my youngest.Β  While looking around our yard I got the bright idea to start a garden. I had been thinking about it since I became a SAHM but, since we don’t have a tiller and our outdoor hose connection is broken,Β  I had decided it probably wasn’t a good idea this year. While looking around on that fine day, logic went right out the window and I decided I wanted a garden even if i had to dig it myself. I figured it would be a good workout. πŸ™‚ So, I staked off an area of 11′ x 16,’ grabbed a shovel, and got to work. And WORK it was. After digging until lunch and then again from dinner to sundown, I had turned over the soil 2-3″ deep over half of the plot. It was a start and I was sore and had blistered hands (should’ve worn gloves)! I was too excited to care about the pain though.

The next day I bought some starter planters, soil, and seeds and got those started. My father-in-law came over to check on me after I had planted the seeds (my husband was in North Carolina for an entire week!) And he saw the work I’d been doing. Much to my surprise and excitement, he borrowed a tiller the next day and came over while I was picking the kids up from school and he tilled the whole plot for me. I have excellent in-laws!

This past weekend my husband put up stakes and thin wire around the plot to discourage deer from getting our crops. My soon-to-be garden is looking great! Even more exciting is that my seedlings have started to sprout!!! I’ve never had a green thumb. I remember in one of my college classes, I had an assignment to get a soybean to germinate using a plastic cup, a wet papertowel, and a warmer. Mine was the only seed in the class that didn’t germinate and the teacher actually used it as an example. Ha! Maybe it’s the fact that I have a degree in Ag or the fact that I was raised in TN and spent summers on a farm in OK or just the fact that I live in the country but, whatever the reason, I’m loving the idea of growing a garden.

So far, I have seedlings of Brussels sprouts, rainbow chard, grape tomatoes, and marigolds. I’m tempted just to sit and watch them grow but I have other things to do. 😦 I’m looking forward to seeing more growth and eventually getting to transplant them outside. But, for now, night time temps in the 20’s necessitate the safe harbor of the indoors.

On another food front, I’ve been eating meat and dairy again after my last post on food frustration. My family is greatful! I’ve actually been eating much more fat than ever before (totally against the grain of everything I’ve ever been taught) and I’ve still been eating lots of veggies and fruit instead of breads and pastas and such. I’ve found that I’m hungry far less often and I don’t have to keep snacks with me all the time. Score!

I’ve also been working on adding coconut to my diet and skin care regime after reading “Virgin Coconut Oil” by Brian and Marianita Jader Shilhavy. One of my sisters has used coconut oil for years as part of her natural healing arsenal. I’m still waiting on her to send me some of her salve recipes…hint hint. πŸ˜‰

I made an awesome coconut fish meal last Sunday and all of my kids ate it…and two of them loved it (the 4 y.o. just ate it to get dessert, but hey, he ate it and zucchini noodles too). The recipe came from a book I have and I haven’t been able to find it online so I don’t think I can share the recipe. If you want it, you can find it here. The recipe was called ‘Fish in White Wine Cream Sauce.’

Ok more later…I have a sweet potato crusted quiche recipe to share. But, for now, I have to go because my husband just texted me and asked if I had picked out a chicken coop yet. That’s right people, we plan to start raising chickens! Oh the joys of free time and country living. I love it!!!