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My amazing husband brought home a sale ad last week which offered a free fruit tree for every one purchased. My family eats lots of fruit, especially apples, so I was excited at the thought of growing our own. As a child I remember eating Granny Smith apples from a tree in the backyard. The tree never got very big and neither did the fruit but I don’t remember anyone doing anything specific to nurture the tree after its initial planting either. So, I figure there’s hope to do better with time on my hands.

Last Saturday we bought four apple trees, one pear tree, one plum tree, and two Chippewa blueberry bushes. I’ve tried to grow blueberries before but never really gave them the attention or acid they needed so they never prospered. Hopefully I can keep these two alive and fruitful.  🙂 All the trees have been planted and anchored. I still need to get the proper pots and planting materials for the blueberries so they are hanging out in their original pots for now. We’re supposed to have two nights below freezing this week so I’m hoping the mulch we used will keep the trees’ roots safe.

Here’s some pictures of our new horizon. I also weeded my asparagus trenches properly for the first time in a couple of years. Maybe we’ll get a better crop this year.












On another food front, last week I didn’t use a dinner menu for the first time in a very long time. I bought lots of meat on sale and lots of veggies and just cooked two veggies and a meat each day. It worked out ok but we never had leftovers of the meats since they were stand-alone and my kids prefer those over veggies (I’m sure mine are the only ones with that issue, right?). This week it’s back to a menu with a little more excitement. Yea…I love having a plan!

Sunday (yesterday) – mesquite pork tenderloin with potatoes, carrots, and onions in the crockpot. It was hot and ready after church!  🙂 Best part is that I was probably going to throw out the carrots and potatoes soon anyway because they were dry (carrots) and soft (potatoes). They worked great in this roast though and reduced waste. Win win!

Monday (today) – recipes inspired by Artichoke Chicken Casserole (for dinner) and Quiche (for breakfast this week).

I was sure I had some artichoke hearts in my cabinet so I didn’t buy any while shopping today. As it turns out, I didn’t have any so I revised the plan on the fly. I sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach,  and onions in butter, salt and pepper and used the saute in the casserole and the quiche. Yep, two birds one stone…I was proud of myself!  🙂 The casserole ended up being more of a dip than a casserole (I forgot to add cauliflower florets to bulk it up) so the kids ate it with chips and leftover roast veggies. I ate mine over steamed broccoli. We added some grapes and cubed butternut squash baked in butter and brown sugar (thanks to my grandmother for that idea), and we had a meal.  The quiche was composed of eggs, milk, veggie saute, crumbled sausage, shredded white cheddar, and smoked paprika. Two of my kids ate some of it for dinner too! I didn’t see that coming but if it makes them more receptive to something other than cereal in the morning, I’ll share.

Tuesday – cod steaks in coconut cream sauce over squash and zucchini noodles. I haven’t found the cod recipe online so I can’t share it but you can find it in the Modern Alternative Mama – Against the Grain eBook.

Wednesday – frozen pizza and biscuits for the kids, as usual. I’ll have leftovers or lettuce wraps or something.

Thursday – BBQ turkey meatloaf muffins,  mashed potatoes, and greenbeans.

Friday and Saturday will be on the fly.  Lunch meat, leftovers, bacon and grain free pancakes, etc.

Sunday – Sesame chicken over rice (cauliflower rice for me).

Sneak peak at two new recipes for next week too…

Monday – Taco casserole with homemade guacamole and salsa

Tuesday – Bacon mushroom honey dijon chicken with fresh greenbeans

Enjoy! Let me know if you try any of these and what you thought. 

Random thought…I rarely use the phrase ‘on the fly’ but I used it twice in this post (noticed while proofreading…my author sister would be proud). My husband has been watching a movie about the Tuskegee airmen as I’ve typed this post so apparently it influenced my writing. 😉

Night all!