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You’ve all been watching as I’ve posted update after update of my garden and I’m sure you’ve been able to tell how excited I’ve been over my growing plants.  

As I’ve watched them grow and tended them, I’ve had one recurring thought…how did these tiny tender plants spring forth from that rock hard ground?? See, you might not be able to tell from the pictures but my soil is clay. Sure I added compost and gypsum to loosen it but despite my efforts it is rock hard soil.

As I ponder this thought, my mind wonders to the spiritual application of that same question… how did something so tender spring forth from something so hard??

If you know me, you know that the ‘me’ before salvation was so hard. I was bitter, I was angry, I was mean, and I was unhappy.  BUT, emerging from that hard me was a more tender, sensitive, caring, happy person.

When the Word says that the old is gone and I have been made new, it’s so true! He makes all things new and I have been filled with Him. I may still have old thoughts sometimes, I may still display old actions sometimes but I AM NOT those thoughts and I AM NOT those actions.  My identity is only in Him. How is it possible that these tender plants grow out of clay?  How is it possible that I grew out of who I once was? It’s possible through God.

My plants have started producing fruit. You know how they did that?  They stayed connected to the source of their nourishment. The branches growing tomatoes couldn’t have produced if they were separated from the stalk with roots. Separation brings death, not fruit. Selah!


Zucchini blossom




Bell pepper buds