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It’s hard to believe it’s already been 60 days since I started the Zeal for Life Challenge!  In my last post, I had lost five pounds total using the Wellness drink alone and I had just started taking the Burn and Cleanse.  I noticed that I had much more appetite once I started using the Burn three times a day.  I’m told that’s because of an increased metabolism but it presented a challenge for me.  I’m generally a pretty healthy eater but when I started getting so hungry all the time, it was a struggle to always eat healthfully when those foods weren’t always prepared and my kid’s chips were readily available.  Add to that my husband taking a two week vacation with lots of eating out and very little exercise and it did not bode well for more weight loss.  😦  It’s my understanding that most people do not experience hunger from Burn and, in fact, no one I know personally does.  I have seen a few others mention it on Facebook though.  So, I stopped taking the Burn pills a week ago and I’m much more satiated these days.  😉  Despite the setbacks (and skillet cookies topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce…yes more than one), I only gained two pounds this last month.  That’s still a net loss of three pounds over the last 60 days so I’m not too upset with that.  I’m actually still working on getting my diet back in line after all the junk eating this last month.  It takes much less time to establish cravings for junk than it does to get rid of them again.  😦  Weight loss efforts aside though, I definitely need to get back on the gluten-free train because I just feel so much better without it.  Too bad I still have some Braum’s brownies in the kitchen to finish off.  Hopefully my family will finish that and the ice cream in the freezer while I’m gone this weekend.  I have started replacing breakfast with a protein shake.  I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d do that because I am such a foodie and I love to eat, but it has made it easier to get out to my morning walk/jog before it gets too hot outside.  The shakes actually keep me full until lunch too which was also surprising to me!

I had a little bit of a techy mishap this month when I accidently deleted my Day 1 pictures.  I only had them on my phone and I certainly hadn’t sent them to anyone!  The folder they were in appeared on my phone twice for some reason so I deleted one of them which seemed fine at the time.  However, the next morning both folders were gone.  I’ve tried restoration apps and software but have not been able to recover the pictures.  So, I guess my 30 day pictures will just have to be my starting point.  😉

Regarding business, there have been updates too.  I won two awards on July 1st for my sales accomplishments in June.  First I won $250 from one of my upline consultants.  Then, I won two nights hotel stay for the Zurvita Champion’s weekend and another $250 from my Upline Ambassador.  I hadn’t been planning on going to the Champion’s weekend due to cost and childcare challenges but since I’m getting it free I’m going to go.  I hadn’t registered while the early bird price was available (since I wasn’t planning to go) so I had to use most of my $250 prize to pay for the ticket and the rest of it to buy an 80’s outfit for one of the parties at the event, but at least I’m not out any money.  🙂  I actually leave for the conference tomorrow.  Everyone says it’s “life and business changing!”  That sounds like hype to me but maybe I’m just jaded from all the business conferences I went to when I worked in the Corporate world.  None of them were ever as beneficial as I’d have liked since I had to leave my family to attend.  What can I say, I’m a homebody…always have been.  Hopefully this conference will be well worth the time though.  The agenda is non-stop including two parties. If nothing else, I’ll meet lots of people I only know through Facebook and I’ll get to spend time with some friends from my church. 

Just like the weight loss report, business hasn’t been all roses either.  I did earn my $1,000 AllStar bonus last month but I did not get my husband’s AllStar bonus.  I was $1,000 (two Builder’s packs) short of earning that bonus and I actually sold one of those just hours after the deadline passed but it still wouldn’t have been enough.  I use the bonus money to help others sign up cheaper so missing out on that bonus has limited the discounts I can offer to others moving forward. 😦  It was recommended to me by my upline consultants to try to sign up everyone I can as a consultant even if they don’t want to sell because that helps you earn bonuses and promote faster.  However, I have learned that if no one you sign up wants to sell, you won’t continue to earn bonuses unless you are selling an awful lot on your own.  Since I don’t keep that money anyway, I’d just as well have people sign up as customers with regular shipments than give a big discount for them to sign up as a consultant and never sell anything. It didn’t take long to run out of promo money while trying to get my husband’s bonus but then I didn’t get it so I had no way to replenish that fund.  Anyway, I’m not sure my strategy will stay the same moving forward.  I think I’ll only offer discounts on the big starter packs for those who actually plan to sell.  I did promote to Senior Consultant in June which means I will now earn commission on orders from people signed up as far as 4 levels under me but since no one is selling under me, that doesn’t really help me out yet.  This has just been my experience of course but I wanted to put it out there for any others new to the business…something to consider.  On a more positive note, my husband and I are both G4 which means we both now get our monthly Canister of Wellness for free.  That’s exciting to me!!  Also, I got my first residual check this month so that was exciting too.  It wasn’t high dollar but it was something and it will continue to grow as I’m able to share this product with more and more people.

All that being said, I am still happy with Zeal and I’m looking forward to more fat loss and more muscle gain once I get my diet back in line.  I’ve enjoyed hearing good reports from many who have tried the products.  It’s amazing how people have such different results.  Some get lots of energy while others (like me) don’t.  Some have improved joint functioning, some lose weight, some feel more alert…it’s almost like waiting to open a present when I’m waiting to hear other people’s results.  🙂

Here are some pictures just for fun.


Skillet cookie





Signing up the final consultant needed to promote to Senior.

For those of you who are using and/or selling Zeal, what has your experience been?