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While in church service this morning I found myself once again pondering the vine and the branch.  It’s a topic I think about regularly and I’ve written a post about it before BUT the more vines and branches I’ve grown in my garden, the more I ponder the spiritual concept parallels.  Previously I’ve posted about how the branch separated from the vine is dead, not free. However today I was thinking about partial connections.

You see, I find myself regularly going through cycles of ups and downs, on fire and cooled off, pursuing passionately and being passive.  I’ve definitely been in more of a valley than on a hill for quite some time.  It’s not that I don’t think about God and talk to Him regularly but there’s been no passion lately.  Most of my communication with my Father has been all about me…very self-centered.  I know my Father loves me and thinks of me regularly but I also know that He wants more for me than for me to swim in a pool of ‘thoughts of me’ all the time.  I want to see my kids be successful and happy but I also want to see them make a difference for others.  I will love them equally whether they are productive or not but I know that their lives will be more fulfilling if they are doing more than indulging themselves.  Our heavenly Father knows this too (and so much more).

Now, back to my garden. 😉  As I sat in church pondering this today and asking God why I’m so stuck in thoughts of me and how to get out of it, He gave me a picture (love it when He does that!!).  I saw my zucchini plants.  Throughout the summer they became very bushy and heavy to the point that when I would lift them up to look under the leaves, it was common for stems to break or bend and crack.  I would remove the broken stems if I saw them but every now and again I’d hear one crack but couldn’t find which one it was.  Eventually I could find the damaged stem because the leaf would start to turn brown.  I know this sounds simple but stick with me here. 🙂  The stems were still attached to the vine…they still had nourishment flowing from the roots BUT there was damage and interruption.  The stems weren’t receiving the full flow of life needed to keep them healthy so they started to die…slowly.  Here’s the word I received this morning:

“The branch separated from the vine is dead but don’t be deceived, the branch which is partially separated is dead too.  The browning may come slower but it will come.  Don’t be satisfied with a partial connection.  Don’t be blind to the gradual decline of life and supply.  Connect, live, grow, flourish!”

I don’t know if that is revelation to anyone else but it was good for me so I wanted to share.