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Have you tried any of the recipes from my previous Whole 30 post?  What did you love, what needed some tweeking?  I’m thoroughly enjoying reading “It Starts with Food” and have even given up artificial sweeteners the last couple days after the explanation as to why it is recommended.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m doing this Whole 30 alone.  My family eats what I make but they always add to it (rice, chips, cheese, etc.).  My friends all seem to think this is yet another fad diet and that I’ve gone off the deep end again for something that won’t last.  Well, not that I’m saying I’ll go from Whole 30 to Whole 365 but I have felt much more satisfied as a whole and I like that.  It used to be that I always wanted sweets and then the consumption of sweets led to consumption of salty foods.  It was an endless cycle…never satisfied…always wanting more.  I haven’t felt that way lately though.  I eat my meal and I’m full and stay that way for a while.  I do still want to have sweets, especially after dinner, but I don’t give in and those cravings go away while I’m distracted.  Also I’ve noticed I haven’t been waking up with hunger sickness.  Does anyone else get that?  Eat too late at night or even just eat dessert and then wake up the next morning feeling like you must eat immediately or you may get sick.  I’ve had regular occurrences of that ever since highschool with the worst cases during my pregnancies, but not lately!  Anyway, so the journey continues.

Here’s my meal plan for week 3.  I hope you find it inspiring.

Today:  chicken salad with homemade mayo and pecans, cucumber slices, and fresh fruit (this meal was provided by a friend of mine who isn’t interested in Whole 30 at all but supports me anyway.  Woohoo for good friends!); comfort noodles and fried plantains

Saturday: leftovers or tuna cakes or something else easy

Sunday: burgers with avocado slices and sautéed green beans

Monday: 40 clove garlic chicken and brussels spouts

Tuesday: Machacado with eggs and avocado.  This one is from the Well Fed cookbook but I couldn’t find it online so I can’t share this one.  I couldn’t actually find Machacado so I’m using just plain dried beef.  Here’s a similar recipe online though.

Wednesday: Waldorf tuna salad with cucumber coins. This one is from the Well Fed cookbook but I couldn’t find it online so I can’t share this one either.  Here’s a similar recipe online though.

Thursday:  Thai coconut chicken soup

Coffee creamer for the week:  full fat coconut milk, coconut oil, raw egg, cocoa powder, and alcohol free maple extract (skip the honey)

Happy cooking!