I’ve been working on transitioning my children to a more Paleo-ish diet and it’s been slow going!  None of them took bread in their lunch boxes all week so that was fairly huge but they did still take animal crackers and cheez-its (at least not all three).  Baby steps people!  Today while we were home on a snow day, I decided to make use of the very black bananas sitting on my counter and make a recipe I saw on Facebook recently.  I’m still struggling to find a breakfast that I can make on the weekends to feed the kids all week and I was hoping this would be it.  I’ve made pancakes and almond butter bread and omelets and bacon and sausage in the past.  They love all of it the day I make it but then each morning they complain that there are no more protein bars (Zone or Clif) or cereal and it makes an already stressful time of day even worse.  Well, today I made the Paleo Mom’s Paleo Monkey Bars and they were a hit!  In fact 2/3 of the pan is already eaten and the kids even requested them for dessert after dinner.  They tasted like banana bread to me and they were the most moist Paleo bread I’ve ever eaten.  I must admit that I had two entire pieces myself which doesn’t exactly fit in with the Whole 30 view of avoiding ‘food without brakes.’  I’m not still following Whole 30 exactly but I really like it and think that it’s a good way to eat as a matter of course with occasional and purposeful allowances for deviations (special occasions, special treats, family traditions, etc.).

Paleo Monkey Bars

Image courtesy of http://www.thePaleoMom.com

I skipped the beautiful chocolate drizzle on these bars but I did include a couple of palms full of semi-sweet chocolate baking chips.  Here’s hoping that the kids still want to eat these tomorrow so I don’t polish them off!

My second small victory was at dinner.  I made Coconut Lime Chicken Soup and my five-year old ACTUALLY ATE IT!  Ok, this is huge (did I say small victory, I meant huge).  My youngest is one of those kids who thinks real food is pizza, nuggets, or biscuits.  He doesn’t even waste his time with french fries (too close to veggies??).  The only vegetables I’ve been able to get him to eat since he graduated from baby food are canned green beans.  Yes, canned!  He will not eat fresh sautéed green beans.  The only fruit he will eat is cinnamon apple sauce.  Thankfully I found some without HFCS because he wouldn’t eat my homemade version either.  Let’s just say, he’s picky!  🙂  Anyway, this soup mainly consisted of chicken and carrots and he ate the carrots without crying, without sliding onto the floor, and without gagging.  He even said to add them to chicken noodle soup next time I make it.  What?!  I probably should’ve checked him for a fever but he was smiling and his cheeks weren’t rosy so I think we just crossed a major milestone!  With this victory under our collective belts, I’m thinking ahead to what else I can slip past those five year old lips.  🙂

Image courtesy of www.bhg.com

Image courtesy of http://www.bhg.com

I doubled the recipe and we finished it all off.  I couldn’t find a Thai seasoning blend in the store so I made my own from this recipe.  I also couldn’t find dried lemongrass (no time to go to the Asian market downtown) or dried lime zest but I did add fresh lime zest to the soup.  I also used some home-made chicken bone broth instead of water (made from the bone-in chicken breasts I cooked over the weekend for this meal), used coconut aminos instead of soy sauce, added salt, and only used the juice of one lime.  That sounds like lots of changes but they were all normal subs for me so it didn’t seem like a big deal while I was doing it.

That was it for today but here’s a sneak peek into next week’s menu.  One of the recipes I’m making next week that I’m really excited about is Plantain Nachos.  I hope they turn out as excellent as they look!

Happy Thursday everyone!  We have another snow day here tomorrow but I’m braving it to take all three kids grocery shopping.  I’m not sure which needs more bravery…the drive or the shopping with three kids! 😉